Movies With Subtitles – How To Synchronize Subtitles In MX Player

If you enjoy watching movies, you should be able to sync the subtitles in the MX player. You can see your favorite videos in many languages thanks to a sophisticated feature offered by the Video Manager application. You may synchronize your subtitles across many platforms, including Xbox 360, Play Station Portable, Apple iPhone, Nintendo Wii, and other mobile phones, with Video Manager & MX Player Codec. In your video management control panel, tap the “AUDIO” tab to open this advanced feature.


Install the free Video Manager for Windows Mobile OS before adding subtitles to your MX player. Launch the Video Manager after installation, then tap on “Busy Text,” which is already present in the system tray. Now, tap the right ear and sign icons to reveal the text input field. Use the “made English” language and fill in the text box prompt with your chosen foreign language.

When you press the “Sections” icon, a list of the available subtitles will appear. To see the list of available subtitles, select the part of the film you want to watch and tap “Sections” once more. To add captions to the movies, choose a language from the list and repeat the process. When the file is finished, click “Start” and wait for the program to identify every device.

This is how the MX Player method synchronizes subtitles. You will be taken to a web page where you must follow the instructions for the software installation process after hitting the “Open” button. Just adhere to the wizard’s straightforward instructions. The final step is to search for the video file you wish to display on your device.

You must have a video player that can view media from videos to use the software. If not, there won’t be any media in the files that may be seen. You can launch the application as soon as you are pleased with the downloaded video player. The application will make a duplicate of the video file you just downloaded before it starts working. The copied video file will subsequently be added to the system, as you can see on the screen. The program will make a separate video file for each file if there is more than one.

You can now watch the selected movie or view the video preview. If you have chosen any DVD movies, you need to select the film’s title, and the program will jump right to the part where the subtitles are available. To view the subtitles, however, you must start the movie in your media player if you choose a movie clip from the internet. The program will prompt you to download any internet clips.

Once you’ve finished uploading the video clip, you may see the media to ensure everything is in its proper place. You can fix mistakes or delete them if there are any. Checking how they appear is the final stage of synchronizing subtitles in MX Player. Click the submit button if they are there. You will receive a link from the application to download and save the clip.

The stream will be immediately terminated when the player is closed, so after you have finished the How to synchronize subtitles in the MX player, you might not need to use it any longer. But this functionality necessitates a different transcoding procedure, which can take some time. Using the MX Player transcoder to speed up the transcoding process is possible if your computer has enough memory. Alternatively, you can record the closing seconds of the videos you view using the player’s built-in video recorder feature. You can ask other users through the help menu or go to the MXV website if you have questions about synchronizing subtitles in the MX player.

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