How to Set MX Player As Default Video Player on Your Phone

The most well-liked and effective multimedia player for Android is MX Player. You can download this fantastic software whenever you want to view your favorite TV series and movies. Making MX Player your phone’s default player is relatively easy. Installing MX Player Codec is required first. Here is a closer look at the procedure.

Setting up as the default device in your system may be easy if you’re a gadget geek who enjoys a variety of devices, including mobile phones, MP4 players, camcorders, and other electronic devices. You can only accomplish this if you take a few actions described in the article below. Let’s look at it. By clicking the “Control Panel” icon, you should first navigate to the control panel. Select “Local Area Connection” in the Control Panel window, enter your router’s IP address in the text field, and then click OK. It should prompt you for certain settings-related information before entering it.


The following method is to switch your device’s default media player from Windows XP to Windows Vista. Select the “Devices” icon from the control panel’s left pane. A vertical list of devices will be displayed. Click on the device you want now. You will have two alternatives: “Previous Window” and “New Windows.”

Click “Change default media player” to choose MX Player, and press “OK.” Now in Windows Vista, your preferred video player is automatically set as the default. Pick the “prev models” tab from the “Devices” menu in the control panel to modify it again in the future. This makes changing the model number and choosing “free” in the format string straightforward. In the “connection speed” area, you can modify the model number before clicking OK.

How can I make Windows Vista’s default media player the MX Player? You should use a tool to convert your music videos and photos to the correct file formats for your new Windows Vista operating system if you’ve successfully put them up on your Windows desktop. Movie Maker is one of them. You can launch this program after downloading it from the Microsoft website. A new window will open, asking you to find the directories on your computer to add the video files or images you want to convert to the x format.

Follow the straightforward instructions after launching the “Movie Maker” application. When satisfied with the conversion, you may decide whether to produce a CD-R or add the files directly. Launch the player after you’re finished, then select “My Computer” from the menu. Your local hard disc will display a folder with the names “Videos” and “Music.”

You can select whatever videos or photos you want to put as CD-R by double-clicking on the “Movies” folder to see the part where you can do so. The right and left arrows can be used to navigate between your options. Pick the “Add” button in the following step. You will see a list of every file you have added. You should click on the name you want to add.

Enter your chosen film title or photo in the “To” area. Select “OK.” The instructions above on making MX player the default player will tell the program to modify the player’s name so that it becomes the new default. Launch the player and select “Start” once you have adjusted the player’s name. Two icons—one for the standard audio output and the other for the movie output—will now appear on the screen.

To launch the player, close all of the windows. Select the “Players” tab using the top-left navigation bars if you’ve already started it. Choose “Search” and enter the location of the audio or video file you wish to play. Find the “queue” option, then choose the one you want to serve as your “default.” Go to the Help menu by clicking the “Support” icon on the desktop, then scroll to the “Video Hardware Drivers” tab to find instructions on making MX player your default media player.

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