Download MX Player AIO ZIP (EAC3 ARMv8, ARMv7 NEON Codec for MX Player)

You must already have downloaded it if you enjoy MX Player as much as I do. However, do you encounter any audio file issues while streaming any videos? Here is why, if your response is yes. MX Player has eliminated a few unique codecs from its video engine. DTS audio is, therefore, incompatible as a result. As a result, you cannot download the EAC3 audio format. This problem is simple to fix with MX Player AIO ZIP codecs. I’ll show you how to install EAC3 codec packages on your phone so that it can work with DTS again.

Update: The MX player app now supports AC3 Audio by Default; you no longer need to download the AC3 Codec. To play ac3 audio, you must download the most recent version of MX Player APK. However, you still need to download a specific codec from the list below for DTS Audio.

mx player aio zip eac3 codec

Information About Mx Player AIO ZIP & Codec Packs

 NameMX Player AIO ZIP & Codec Packs
Size44 MB
Root RequiredNo
Installs100,000,000 + downloads
RequiredAndroid 5.0 and up
DeveloperMX Media & Entertainment Pte Ltd
CategoryVideo and Music
Mod featuresUnlocked All
Last update20 m ago

About MX Player AIO ZIP files & Codec Packs

To avoid problems with codec compatibility, MX Player needs a codec in order to stream a video. However, MX Player abandoned a few unique codecs due to various licensing concerns. As previously stated, this prevents users from viewing AC, DTS, and other supported videos.

Many individuals have reported that they can’t stream audio compatible with EAC3. You need to download the MX Player AIO ZIP & APK files that I supplied in this post to fix this problem. You can check out the free MX Player Pro APK download process.

How to Fix EAC3 No Support Issue?

When watching their favorite movies, many people often see the error message “EAC3 Audio format is not supported.” The audio format EAC3 stands for Enhanced AC-3. Removing the proprietary codec from MX Player makes it challenging to stream AC-type files. It indicates that there isn’t an EAC3 codec file to support the audio. The user can download the MX player custom codec zip files to resolve this problem.

Direct codec files are available here. Here are the URLs to the custom codec packs where you can get zip and APK files.

Download MX Player Custom Codec

You can see below how I divided the procedure into several steps. Observe it precisely.

  • You must first launch the app. Then, tap on the three icons in the screen’s upper right corner.
  • The decoder can be found under Settings in the menu that appears. Check what is written under “Custom Codec” when you descend to the bottom of the page (you will probably see Neon or Tegra).
  • We now need to get the appropriate codec pack. No, you don’t need to search the internet for the codec. From the URLs provided below, you may immediately download the codec files. You will notice that both zip and APK files are offered; download the one you prefer.

MX Player Codec APK Files Download

Check out the installation method of the custom codec package below:

Step 1: You may have noticed that the codec is in APK format if you have already started downloading. For APK files, these are direct download links. To use it, you must install it when the download is complete. What if you’re unwilling to install third-party software or detest sideloading apps? I do, however, have a different approach. The first and second phases of the procedure I outlined above should be followed.

Step 2: We must download the codec file, the same as you saw previously. We’re going to get the zip version rather than the APK. You can find many versions there. Download MX Player Codec Files (custom codec files in zip format). Select the option that best suits your player. (If using a PC to download, remember to move the file to your mobile.)

Step 3: Repetition of steps 1 and 2 is now required. Open the app and select Settings > Decoder > Custom Codec from the menu.
Step 4: A file selection dialogue box will now appear. In this case, choosing suitable codec files in zip format is required. Navigate to the folder where you put the codec.

You’re all set! The installation will be finished right away. It will end, and then the app will resume. Any video can now be played without encountering EAC3 codec compatibility difficulties.

What if you need clarification on the codec version you require? You can get the AIO, aka All-in-One codec pack (zipped file) indicated above if you need help deciding whether to choose Neon or Tegra3.

Please update your current app versions; they are likely out-of-date. Download our website’s most recent versions of MX Player APK and MX Player Pro APK.

MX Player Custom Codec

The ffmpeg library is one of many libraries found in the MX Player Codec Pack that are necessary for the player to function properly. The MX Player download from the Play Store will only include the necessary libraries for your device’s architecture. When MX Player prompts you to do so, you may occasionally need to install codec packs from the Google Play Store. However, there is also Custom Codec, a modified version of the ffmpeg library used by MX Player.

DTS/Dolby (ac3) audio tracks are supported. Therefore, if MX Player prompts the user to install a codec pack from the Play Store, it must be done. If you want to play the videos with DTS & Dolby (AC3) audio tracks, using a custom codec is optional.

1.44.0 ARMv8 Neon Codec: How to Fix ARMv8 1.44.0 Codec in the Latest MX Player Update

You have this issue recently when you start getting the Eac3 audio not supported error because MX Player websites aren’t working to download the Mx Custom Codec for MX Player.

Download 1.44.0 ARMv8 Neon Codec in MX Player

Here I am giving you the link to the 451.0 ARMv8 Neon Codec Google Drive Download Free Link. Just down load this latest codec document and set it up in your MX Player Custom Codec Publishing section.

How to install MX Player Custom Codec

  • Open MX Player App.
  • Tab on the three-dot (located at the top right corner)
  • You will find the following settings:
  • Click the Decoder tab. There are a number of settings you may be able to view, including Sound Quality, CPU Usage, and Video Format. Just scroll down to the General settings. You will see the Custom Codec option here.
  • Check what Custom Codec is required. In my case, it is ARMv7 Neon type Custom Codec.
  • Tap on the Custom Codec button to identify the ZIP file that you had downloaded.In my case, I had downloaded AIO (All-in-one) pack.
  • When you tap OK, the program will begin again.
  • Do that and you are done!

MX Player will automatically apply any necessary AIO Codec pack when a ZIP is named. MX Player will re-launch or use the necessary Codec and then you can enjoy DTS audio on MX Player without issue. Now you’ll be able to play videos and audio in MX Player.

Official Play Store Links

You may only install apps from the Play Store because you are concerned about security. I also provide links to the official Play Store pages where users can obtain codecs.

It can be set up the same way as any other application. After installation, this media player app will work flawlessly with EAC3 audio.

However, download MX Player for PC from this page running Windows 10/8/7/8.1. Have you downloaded the necessary codec pack? If you didn’t, you would continue to experience incompatibility problems. Decide the one to download and do it now. Choose the all-in-one zipped file if you need clarification on what to download.

MX Player Codec Zip Files Download

MX_NEON.ZIP (1.35.0)

MX_NEON_64.ZIP (1.35.0)

MX_AIO.ZIP (1.35.0)

MX_X86.ZIP (1.35.0)

MX_X86_64.ZIP (1.35.0)



MX Player Codec APK Files Download


TEGRA3 CODEC 1.10.50

ARMV7 CODEC v1.10.50

X86 CODEC v1.10.50

ARMV6 CODEC vfp 1.7.39

mips CODEC 1.7.39

ARMV5te CODEC 1.7.39

ARMV6 CODEC 1.7.39

V1.49.0 Custom Codec (Current stable)

Older links might not function with MX Player’s more recent version. The error that follows might be found:

Use the most recent stable version (1.49.0) from the links below in that case:

Updated as of 2022-08-16 by FFMPEG

Download linksSize MB MB MB MB

FFmpeg APK files

Standard EditionAPK files
arm-v7a / arm64-v8aDownload Link
x86 / x86_64Download Link
Pro EditionAPK files
arm64-v8aDownload Link
arm-v7aDownload Link
x86_64Download Link
x86Download Link


MX Player Custom Codec 1.44.0

As of 2022-01-30, FFMPEG “Ada” has been updated. (If those changes to the binaries have any meaning)
Our configuration now has libmp3lame (an mp3 encoder) enabled and mxv muxer (another video format?) enabled.

Download linksSize MB MB MB MB
mx_aio.zip24.8 MB
mx_neon.zip6.03 MB
mx_neon64.zip5.89 MB
mx_x86.zip6.74 MB
mx_x86_64.zip6.16 MB

MX Player Custom Codec 1.35.0

Custom Codec (file name)Download
mx_aio.zipDownload Link
mx_x86.zipDownload Link
mx_neon.zipDownload Link
mx_tegra2.zipDownload Link
mx_tegra3.zipDownload Link
mx_neon64.zipDownload Link
mx_x86_64.zipDownload Link

MX Player Custom Codec 1.32.0

Custom Codec (file name)Download
mx_x86.zipDownload Link
mx_x86_64.zipDownload Link
mx_neon64.zipDownload Link
mx_neon.zipDownload Link
mx_aio.zipDownload Link

How to install MX Player Custom Codec

  • Launch MX Player.
  • In the top right corner, click the three dots.
  • The following options can be found.
  • Click the Decoder option. Numerous parameters, like SW Audio, CPU Limit, and Color Format, will be shown. Go to General Settings by scrolling down. There is a Custom Codec option you can use.
  • Verify the custom codec type that is required. It’s an ARMv7 Neon type Custom Codec in my case.
  • Select the downloaded ZIP file by tapping the Custom Codec option.
  • I downloaded an AIO (All-in-one) pack in my situation.
  • When you choose, you will be prompted to tap OK to restart the application.
  • You’re done after you accomplish that!

MX Player will automatically install any required Codec from the ZIP file when utilizing the AIO Codec pack. You may enjoy DTS audio on MX Player without any problems after the installation is finished because MX Player will restart with the newly installed Codec. Any audio or video clip can now be played on MX Player without any issues.

What is MX Player codec?

If you own a device with an ARMv7 NEON CPU, you must use the MX Player Codec for MX Player to function.

How to Download MX Player codec?

To determine the codec you require, go to MX Player Codec. Select what you need from the website’s list, then click the appropriate download button.

How to install MX Player codec?

Open MX Player after obtaining the required file from MX Player Codec. If the file you downloaded is compatible with the codec pack you downloaded, the app will prompt you to install it. Select OK. The package will be installed after the App restarts. Now, you can experience flawless audio with every video.

What is EAC3 Codec?

The Enhanced AC-3 format is the EAC3 codec. The MX Player app uses the cutting-edge AC-3 music and video playback format. Users can watch error-free, high-quality video files.

Is VLC better than MX Player?

Most of the users love to play all media files on VLC while working on computer whereas MX player is rated as best solution for android platform. Those who cannot tolerate annoying ads on screen are advised to go ahead with VLC and the second option is to spend on professional version of MX player.

What is ARMv7 codec for MX Player?

MX Player Codec (ARMv7) is what its name suggests: a codec pack for Android devices with ARMv7 VFP cores, exclusively for use with MX Player. You should know that this app does not depend on itself.

Which codec is best for MX Player?

The EAC3 codec is an enhanced AC-3 format for movies and television programs watched via the MX Player app. Users can watch high-definition movies with perfect sound quality without needing to install any extra software.

What devices use ARMv7?

All the devices based on Cortex-A8 are based on the Arm A7 architecture consisting of Texas Instruments Napa and Samsung Hummingbird. Devices based on Cortex-A9 concentrate on Cortex-A9, which is also referred to as A7. These encompass nVidia Tegra 2 and Texas Instruments Napa.

What is ARMv7 in Android?

ARM is the dominant technology in mobile hardware. The ARMv7 instruction set, commonly referred to as the core, determines the microarchitecture that the CPU uses. This family of CPUs implements the Cortex-A series, which features ARMv7 instructions. ARMv7 CPUs also pack in the NEON technology.

How do I add codecs to MX Player?

After you’ve downloaded the file you need from MX Player Codec, you’ll open the MX Player App. If the codec pack you have downloaded is compatible with it, the App will automatically inform you to install the codec pack found in the place where you downloaded it. All you need to do is click OK.

What is custom codec in MX Player?

MX Player uses ffmpeg to construct a codec that is unique for the software application. It is special in that it supports DTS Dolby(AC3) audio tracks. Therefore, Codec Pack needs to be installed at least once if MX Player demands it. Customized Codec is necessary if you want to play the videos with these components. It is optional only if you want to play the videos using DTS & Dolby (AC3) audio tacks.

What to do when you update MX Player?

There is no need to worry about updating the Custom Codec if MX Player is upgraded to a more recent version without changing the ffmpeg library. The situation won’t change. It won’t load in MX Player if it is incompatible.
The loaded Custom Codec is checked each time MX Player is updated with a new version of the ffmpeg library. An error notice will appear if the Codec is outdated:

Final Words

Some of the most fantastic features are included in MX Player. If you use an Android smartphone, you must have had MX Player set as your default media player. Please comment below if you encounter any difficulties downloading the codec package zip files or APK files. I’ll do my best to resolve it as quickly as I can.

Source: XDA Developers

Via: GitHub

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