MX Player Videos – How To Add Subtitles on MX Player

How to Open and Download Movie Subtitles on MX Player:

How to Use MX Player to View and Download Movie Subtitles:
MX Player is the most well-known and fantastic program for watching videos, watching movies and listening to music online. We all like watching movies and videos in various languages on our smartphones. Some individuals need clarification about where to get the subtitle files when playing movies or videos after downloading the MX Player.

These days, downloading movies in any language from online services is simple. We must pay attention to the subtitle file while downloading movie files. While some websites correctly give the subtitle files, several bogus websites should have posted the materials promptly. People thus become anxious when watching the downloaded movie. We all need a subtitle file to be able to understand a film that is in a different language, right?

To help you understand how to download, open, and customize the subtitles on MX Player, I’ve written this post. You should upgrade MX Player by downloading the most recent version from our website before you begin reading this instruction. From our website, you can also get the MX Player app for Android, MX Player Pro apk, and MX Player for PC. Let’s look at the detailed instructions for downloading, opening, and adjusting subtitle files on MX Player.

Open subtitle in a video or movie:

The subtitle file must first be on your local storage system. Transfer the subtitle file to your mobile device using a USB cable or another file transfer method if you already have it on your computer or laptop. In this case, you should move the subtitle file into the same folder as your video and give it the same name.

The subtitle file cannot be opened in any other case. For instance, the subtitle file name should be MX Player.Mp4 if the video file name is MX Player.Mp4. You may now access the video playback screen to see more choices. The top-right corner of the screen has three dots there. Click the three dots to reveal the Subtitle menu option. After that, select the Subtitle option on the right to access the appropriate movie or video’s subtitle file.

how to add subtitles on mx player

I have mentioned that MX Player would launch the appropriate video’s subtitle file automatically if the video and subtitle files are correctly placed in the same folder and given the same name. I’m done now. You can now watch the film with subtitles.

Downloading Subtitles from the Web Player:

If the subtitle file is not already on your local device storage, you can quickly download it from the internet. MX Player will assist you here, so there is no need for you to utilize the browser. The three dots option is located in the top-right area of the video playback interface. Access three dots

menu >> Subtitle option >> Online Subtitles.

how to add subtitles on mx player

You may now find the search option under Online Subtitle. Look up the subtitle file you desire. The search results will show multiple subtitle files related to your search. Download the desired subtitle file, or save all the subtitle formats relevant to your search. I’m done now. You may now effortlessly download and watch a movie with subtitles through the online subtitle option.

Adjusting Subtitles on MX Player:

Nowadays, downloading subtitles from the internet is a simple process, and finding the ideal file to match the video you’re looking for makes you extremely happy. You may notice that the subtitles are not timed to the video or film.

MX Player can be valuable in this situation. The MX Player’s subtitle menu allows you to sync the subtitle with the video. Select the Subtitle option >> Settings from the three-dot menu to achieve it. Everything, including font, color, timing, and presenting style, can be changed using those configuration settings.

FAQs about MX Player

If you still have queries related to subtitles in MX Player, then this FAQ is explicitly compiled for you. Check it out!

Why are MX Player online subtitles not working?

The MX Player online subtitles frequently do not function on an Android smartphone. A problem in the app usually causes it to happen. Additionally, there’s a chance that OpenSubtitles doesn’t have the subtitles for the video you’re watching.

How to off subtitles in MX Player?

See the actions listed below:
open MX Player and play the video.
In the top-right area, tap the subtitles symbol.
Subtitles can be deselected. I’m done now!

How to sync subtitles with MX Player?

The following explains how to get the English subtitles in MX Player to watch the video:
Tap the Dotted Menu in the top-right corner of the video after it opens.
Choose Subtitle from the menu to access a second drop-down menu.
To change the subtitles, tap Synchronization and then use the slider bar that appears.


This post should have given you valuable instructions on downloading and modifying the subtitles on MX Player. Because of this, the next time you view a movie or video on your smartphone, make sure to use MX Player and experiment with the subtitle capabilities.

If you choose not to download the subtitle files via MX Player’s online subtitle option, you can do it directly from your browser. MX Player is regularly updated so that you may take advantage of various cutting-edge features in the future. If you encounter any difficulties while trying to open subtitle files, download subtitles, or modify subtitle files, let us know in the comment area below.

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