How To Hide Videos In MX Player – Simple Ways To Hide Videos

It would be best if you first comprehended how the MX player functions to know how to hide movies in this player. Pressing the “Play” or “Settings” buttons available after some tracks will provide instructions on how to turn this on and off this player. These buttons activate a procedure in your computer’s music player when pressed. This is comparable to how your mp3 player’s volume control operates. To view your favorite TV shows and movies on your PC, download and install MX Player for PC.


Your computer’s application will go through the files that make up your hard disc to scan them. Each one will be examined, and it will decide which files to play. It might even check your PC for malware or viruses. Most of the time, the files it requires to play won’t be ones you wish to share or even delete.

You have the option of “Starting” the player or having it switch off on its own. You can continue using it without any interruptions if you do this. You always have the option to restart it if you’re unhappy with the outcome. Be aware that the player might need to continue if there is any ongoing activity on your computer. Therefore, set aside a few minutes to take the necessary steps to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

The first step in learning how to conceal films in the player is to locate and copy the relevant files from your hard drive to a secure location. You’d be shocked at how many people download apps without security, even though it may seem straightforward. For your data to be restored if the player crashes, the folder you select should have some protection. If you are still determining whether the folder you intend to download has any built-in safety safeguards, you can back up your contents before doing this.

Now that you have those two things, the time has come to download and install the player. This procedure may be tedious because it goes through various settings and options. Fortunately, apps available can teach individuals how to conceal movies in players. These apps are often simple to use and reasonably priced. Installing one of these on your player merely takes a few minutes; after that, all your material will be concealed and kept.

Before launching the application, you must create a backup of whatever you wish to hide. Make sure the folders you want to keep secure are tagged. You can start hiding after the application is installed and running. Locate and mark each movie using the software’s search feature.

All that’s left to do is begin playing after that. It will operate in the background. It will hide the video once it is ready to play until you stop. The only thing left is to quit the application and re-load your player.

As you can see, it’s relatively easy to conceal yourself in your preferred media player. You will come across several videos online that you want to avoid being played on your player if you use the internet and browse the web. They’re being performed by someone you care about or know. Learning to hide movies in MX player will allow you to take matters into your own hands. Although you might want to keep this information private, you could start a new fad and observe as everyone modifies their behavior overnight.

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