Download MX Player for IOS /iPhone/iPad Latest Update

Download MX Player for IOS

Install MX Player for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad). People in previous years were unaware of smartphones. However, even a baby three years old can use a smartphone. Many children, in particular, like watching films while grinning. Online video and movie watching is a passion of ours. The Google Play store offers a wide variety of video … Read more

How To Hide Videos In MX Player – Simple Ways To Hide Videos

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It would be best if you first comprehended how the MX player functions to know how to hide movies in this player. Pressing the “Play” or “Settings” buttons available after some tracks will provide instructions on how to turn this on and off this player. These buttons activate a procedure in your computer’s music player … Read more

Movies With Subtitles – How To Synchronize Subtitles In MX Player

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If you enjoy watching movies, you should be able to sync the subtitles in the MX player. You can see your favorite videos in many languages thanks to a sophisticated feature offered by the Video Manager application. You may synchronize your subtitles across many platforms, including Xbox 360, Play Station Portable, Apple iPhone, Nintendo Wii, … Read more