Mx Player MOD APK (PRO, PC, No Ads, Gold)1.72.9 Download [Full Unlocked + Lite APK]

MX Player Mod Apk is a magnificent multimedia player application that can provide an enjoyable experience when you want to watch media files online. MX Player Pro Mod Apk popular lately mainly because of the outstanding features that the app developer has meticulously developed.

MXPLAYER pro mod apk
 NameMX Player (PRO, PC, MOD, Gold)
Latest Versionv1.72.9
Size44 MB
Root RequiredNo
Installs100,000,000 + downloads
RequiredAndroid 5.0 and up
DeveloperMX Media & Entertainment Pte Ltd
CategoryVideo and Music
Mod featuresUnlocked All, Pro Version
Last update20 m ago

MX Player Mod is compatible with most features you may need in a music or video player. The application assisted in bringing together thousands and thousands of hours of audio content and videos, which means you can access everything you need from one place.

This program makes it very simple for you to store your children’s documents in a safe location. Additionally, it will allow you to upload your documents to a password-protected folder that nobody else can access.

MX Player Mod Apk has many incredible features, that will amuse you, and you will love using this application for viewing your online video content. You can apply for this application online very easily.

What is MX Player MOD Apk?

MX Player MOD allows you to play your videos even in the background so you can do anything while playing music and that is the first major benefit you are going to be able to enjoy using this premium Android app. You can also activate subtitles in your language of choice, and this is a great feature since you won’t have trouble seeing visuals when not using headphones.

You can set filters to prevent kids from viewing any undesirable content. You can even watch YouTube videos in high definition without any dropped frames. You can also hide the video songs that you do not wish to be shared with everyone involved. Your privacy will be fully protected.

What does it do?

The app is more of a media player but offers many more useful features that would enhance your journeys. The app works with online video apps, streaming video, and media video content.

mx player pro mod apk

What is MX Player Pro Mod Apk?

The MX Player Pro Mod Apk program has additional options that are not accessible to the standard user, but will be at your disposal. You can also watch videos in the greatest quality using the modified version of the application. The Mod version will present you with many positive aspects.

Download Mx Player For PC

If most people find APK files for Mx Player Pro on desktops, you can download Mx Player For PC. It’s just a few easy steps, and we can set up the Mx Player Pro with the emulator. We should take these directions on PC. Click on the below button to download the guide.

Mx Player MOD APK Pictures

mx player pro mod apk

Mx Players Requirements

For the application to function correctly, you’ll have to grant it a few permissions: To prevent any unintended physical touches on the screen of the device that could influence your experience, the app provides some virtual input protection. This would be ignoring all physical input that you collect on the screen if you tap on the unlock button.

However, you’ll have to provide the app with the “Draw over other apps” permission. Having a Bluetooth headset or speaker would significantly enhance your enjoyment of the movie, and providing MX Player Pro permits the users to do whatever they’d like. Still, you will have to grant the Pair with Bluetooth devices permission before being able to use the features.

In addition, in Instances in which you don’t want to view the phone while being disrupted by enabling the Disable screen look and Control vibration permission, you ll be able to continually watch until your phone requires it to be turned off. Please don’t omit these two permissions from the phone from your list of authorities.

Mx Player MOD APK Feature

Simple gestures

Make sure that MX Player Pro MOD APK allows you to enjoy your HD-quality movies to a more laid-back degree with built-in voice commands, such as the ability to wipe back and forth on the display to fast-forward or rewind content.

Swipe up or down on the left and right to pick the brightness and volume, then double tap twice to stop or start playing again, and there are many more gesture controls that you’ll master as soon as you download the application.

mx player online mod apk 2023

MX Player Pro will allow you to watch movies online. Tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes are available on MX Player, a very popular Apk. If you want to watch any movie series that interests you, use MX Player Pro APK, which offers unlimited TV content. It is unlocked, and there is no advertising when using it.

mx player pro mod apk 2023

Users who want to watch free online television shows and films on MX Player must see a lot of advertising and cannot view MX Player Originals and Premium for free.

mx player mod apk

Play Online Videos

With MX Player Mod Apk, you can play many videos online directly in the app without needing to search for them manually as it will provide them for you. All you need to do is open the application and type the name of the video that you wish to watch and you will be able to see it. This will enable you to easily manage your favorite online content through MX Player Pro Mod Apk.

mx player pro mod apk 2023

Hide Your Files and Folders Easily

MX Player Mod Apk also boasts other excellent features that you’ll get if you decide to hide your videos and files then you’ll be getting this feature. Since everyone has different privacy and personal affairs, and if you desire to be sure that you have complete control over video history then these features will allow you to accomplish that.

Background Play Audio

If I speak about background play songs then it provides you with the very best background play audio whereby you’ll be able to delight in watching movies.

mx player pro mod apk

Enable the Subtitles

In MX Player Mod Apk, you can also set subtitles and then select a video from your chosen and available language. You don’t have to fear video interpretation issues since you can check out content for your preferred language and after that, you can read the dialogs or discussions that are present. This feature makes MX Player Pro Mod Apk quite special.

mx player pro mod apk

Play Video in the Background

In MX Player Mod Apk, you can also play audio files and video files in the background, and if one of these file types is played, it will be able to continue playing in the background even as you switch between applications. This is especially useful because many applications make you want to stay on the same screen. If you want to watch videos in this application, it is possible to use other applications too, and your files will continue to play in the background.

Light and Dark Mode

In MX Player Pro Mod Apk, you can adjust the light and dark modes to your liking. If you prefer using the application in a dark manner it is very soothing to the eye, you can use the application in dark mode. If you prefer using the app in the lighter way then you can make that selection as well.

Zoom in and Out by Pinching

MX Player Mod Apk also offers you the opportunity to pinch the screen to zoom in or zoom out. You can adjust the screen by using your two fingers that you’ll be using for the screen when you are pinching in a zoom. When you press the screen larger the display or movie will probably be zoomed in, but if you press the screen smaller the display or movie will be zoomed out, but you can make it happen according to your specifications.

Disable Analytics

It’s not hard to disable analytics would be your attributes or you’ll be able to disable it.

mx player mod apk

Enable the Kids Lock

In MX Player Pro Mode, you can also enable the children lock. The children lock will help you a lot, and you can enjoy your content while your children enjoy watching your content.

mx player pro apk mod

High Speed Video Player

MX Player Pro Mod Apk will enable you to enjoy a fantastic speed video application. If you are interested in such apps where you do not have to endure lengthy delays and there are no lag issues, then MX Player Pro Mod Apk is an excellent option for you. This application is innovative and you will rarely experience lags.

Excellent Music Player

MX Player Pro Mod Apk is an excellent music player that lets can listen to your favorite tunes in audio and video format. You will undoubtedly be wholly entertained by MX Player Pro Mod Apk.

mx player mod apk

Many Additional Features

You might look for additional features which will help you and they’ll be provided to you in the mod version.

Ad Free High Quality Videos

High-quality ad free videos will be posted for free on the modified version of the application.

The app can work for all formats

MX Player Pro is a handy android app for playing every format of video and also subtitles. Here, you can create smooth MP4, MKV, DVD, MicroDVD , and more, and see subtitled projects as well.

mx player mod apk

It’s compatible with all the below subtitle formats

  • SubStation Alpha .smi, .srt, .sub, .idx, .mpl, and .txt as well as the .pjs subtitle
  • tracks
  • Teletxt

Stream thousands of hours of online content

Included in the ad-free background and subtitle, MX Player Pro is also allowing you to download an enormous amount of media content. It features movies and TV series from four different platforms, including Alt Balaji, Zee5, and Ullu. So instead of paying to rent these platforms, you can download the MX Player Pro MOD APK below and gain access to their paid media free of charge in our application.

Recommended read: MX Player Pro for free and how to get rid of EAC3 codec compatibility with MX Player AIO Zip codec files. Get MX Player APK‘s latest version here.

Enjoy the Hardware acceleration for exceptional benefits

Me best feature of MX Player MOD APK is its hardware acceleration mode. This will not only help your device play HD videos smoothly, but even if your phone does not support HD content, it will still be able to do so.

In the MX Player Pro APK, you can apply the Multi-Core Decoding feature to improve performance by 70% compared to merely using a single core for video playback.

Simple Actions To Manipulate the Video Interface

Other video players will need to discover how to locate the physical buttons or functions to get an optimum viewing experience. But this application will eliminate the need for such physical buttons, and will not impact the device’s default settings.

Users will only need to change operations in different subfields of the display screen for adjusting the burner, volume, video place, zoom, and subtitle. Yes, the application lets users edit subtitle formats after determining such formats.

In addition to that, users are able to adjust the resolution of the movie, which significantly increases the comfort of your viewing experience without undertaking cumbersome procedures.


It can be quite slow if using the wrong decoder

The application includes 3 impressive decoders; you may experience stutter images or inconsistent audio quality if using the wrong decoder. To avert this, you should let the app select the suitable decoder for you instead of intervening in the procedure by selecting it manually.

Frequent Ask Question

Can I hide my files in MX Player Pro Mod Apk?

Yes, you can hide your files or folders in MX Player Pro Mod Apk.

Can I watch videos in French in MX Player Pro Mod Apk?

Yes, you can watch videos in Spanish by enabling subtitles in Spanish in MX Player Pro Mod Apk.

Is MX Player Pro Mod Apk free for android?

Yes, Mx Player Pro Mod Apk is available for free on Android devices.

 Is MX Player Pro Mod Apk free to install?

Yes, MX Player Pro Mod Apk is absolutely free to install.

Can I download MX Player Pro Mod Apk on my android tablet?

Yes, you can download MX Player Pro Mod Apk on your Android tablet.

Can I Online Content With MX Player Mod Version?

Yes. You can stream online videos. There was support for that. In this latest version, you can download all OTT shows and films free of charge. Just complete your login, and you can watch the whole thing.

Is Mx Player Pro Apk Download For PC?

Yes, it’s supported on your computer using the android emulator we already covered above. You can Download Mx Player for PC and Install it.

Does this media player safe-to-use?

Yes, I think this application is very reliable and has proven its great efficiency over the years. Nevertheless; you should always give it your all when using this software. It is always better to download it from our site or an official supplier.

What are the advantages of MX Player Pro APK?

This Pro version consists of an extremely powerful video player. This video player offers progressive hardware expedition as well as subtitle support. Here are a few of the subtitle formats.
MPL2 (.mpl)
TMPlayer (.txt)
PJS (.pjs)
WebVTT (.vtt)
0 (.sub)
MicroDVD (.sub)
VobSub (.sub/.idx)

Why does MX Player pro app better than the normal MX Player?

MX Player Pro is the advertisements-free version of MX Player. This is the primary positive consequence of this Pro release.

MX Player pro working on iOS?

Yes, this video player currently works on the iOS platform as well, so remember to stay on I 5.3 or higher. Even better, this video player works on virtually all the available iDevices like iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads.

We should also point out that the purchaser has to be 17 years of age or older if they wish to obtain MX Player. You can use this software in languages like Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Hindi, English, and Arabic.

Download Mx Player


So, MX Player Mod Apk is a high-quality music player and you can use this application to play any type of video and audio files without fear – you can be enjoying excellent material as you go along. So, Mx Player Pro Mod Apk is mandatory if you would like to get the best music.

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